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Milenko Lazic

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Reading Performance
29 May 2013 — Restaurant Westend, Zurich — Master degree show —
Duration: 25 min
Spatial situation — A stage
Instruments and preparation — Amplifier, bass, microphone, cable, looping device,
tape, harmonica, Zürich-Syndrom
Order of events— 1. „Vorwort“, 2. „Junkie und die Rose“, 3. „Ludwig Anton Zora Isa ...“,
4.“Iz tu tu tu“, 5. „Philosofischer Lachklub“, 6. „Schlusswort“
Variants — 06.Juni 2013, Performance evening, Master degree show — 22 May 2013, Automatenbar, U5-Studio — 25 May 2013, Act, Performance Festival, Luzerne — 01 July 2013, Boschbar, Zurich — 29 Sept. 2013, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel — 13 Nov. 2013 — Trudelhaus, Baden — 04 Dez. 2013, Bone, Performance Festival, Berne


Kubain (KUnsthaus BAselland INstallation)
2013 — 7 m x 8 m — contains:
- Performance Equipement, 2013; various media: Bass guitar, amplifier, loop device, microphone, harmonica, cable;
- Sitting-Set, 2012; foam material, old pants; variable size;
- Once Wiese, Once Rhein, Once Birs, 2013; laboratory glassware, water;
- Amsel Verlag Information booth, 2013; wood, paper, metal, plastic;
- Stiftung Ambar Information booth, 2013; computer, paper, wood;


Once Wiese, Once Rhein, Once Birs
2013 — laboratory glassware, water; 25 cm x 25 cm x 170 cm
In this artwork the three Basel rivers are connected in a vertical line.
The base is the water from Wiese, I've brought together with Franziska Schmidt not far from the bus stop "Stücki".
The second layer is water from Rhine that I filled with Sabine Saschl on the shore in front of the Tinguely Museum.
The third layer I have taken with Ines Goldbach from the Birs. We went to the bridge at Birsstrasse, next to St. Jakob stadium.
All three scope locations and Kunsthaus Baselland, including art work, relate to each other on a topographically straight line.

And what was the outcome of the walks?
Franziska Schmidt, studied the new media and media theory in Potsdam and had always to do with acting and theater, confirmed to me that Basel owes its Basel chemical industry to the river Wiese. Being a "soft" water from Schwarzwald, it was essential for dyeing and therefore Basel chemical industry.
Sabine Saschl said that Baselland Kunsthaus and Museum Tinguely were historically due to the common cultural heritage also on a line.
Ines Goldbach told me of Roman Signer artwork "Throw in the Birs" that happened some years ago on the bridge and that I'm not wrong with "my" line.


Fondacija Ambar
Project Foundation
current — future —,
The Ambar Foundation was founded by me and was registered by the Bosnian Justice Ministry on 25 November 2012.
My family is from Bosnia. During my stays in the Balkans, I realized how culture represented in a homeopathic dose in the region, I originally come from and how little money it takes to get something moved in Bosnia. By culture I mean galleries, museums, festivals, workshops, cultural centers, youth clubs, concerts, etc.
During my education in Master of Fine Arts I received scholarships from the Canton of Zurich. All the money that I have earned on the art, I've been saving. I knew I will do something super intelligent with it.
The objectives and tasks of the Foundation are:
- Support and assistance to young artists, art students and artists,
- Assistance in funding art projects or publications,
- Spreading awareness about the importance of art in society,
- Support for inter-regional artistic and cultural connections,
- Expansion of the international artistic and cultural connections,
- Support cooperation between faculties and schools of art in the country and abroad,
- Oragnition of exhibitions, presentations, symposiums, workshops, art colonies, conferences, roundtables, donor conferences and similar events.


Workshop Ambar
01 Sept. - 14 Sept. 2013 — Srednji Magnojević, Bosnia und Herzegovina

The Ambar Foundation organized this year a two-week art workshop in the village Magnojevic near Tuzla in Bosnia. The idea behind the workshop was to create art on the spot and at the same time give the opportunity to the artists from abroad and inland to meet, learn and share.
Participants: David Morrinson, Asia Kinzel, Dubravka Simonović, Igor Sredojević, Emir Mutevelić, Emina Huskić, Irena Cvetković, Dragana Branković, Momir Čavić, Vedran Karadža, Maya Minder, Seraina Renz.
The Foundation provided accommodation, food and material.
The works produced were presented at a final exhibition in the assembly room of the local school. As interaction with the population, a children's workshop originated at which 40 children were involved.


Madiar I (MAster DIplom ARbeit)
2013 — 5 m x 7 m x 2.5 m — various media


Amsel Verlag Zurich
Publishing house
founded 2012 — current —,
Editions — Nanyar, Novel in English, Author Vijay Sharma, 500 pieces, 2012 —
Essays on Hinduism and Aesthetics, Essyas in Englisch, Author Vijay Sharma, 500 pieces, 2012 — The Riddle of the Sphinx, Artist's book in Englisch, Author Whitney Sparks, 50 pieces, 2013 — Zürich-Syndrom, Stories in German, Author Milenko Lazic, 300 pieces, 2013 — Natural Intrinsic, Scientific Work, Author Mara Elsa, 300 pieces, 2013



2013 — 35 short stories — 84 pages — 17 cm x 11 cm x 1 cm — Amsel Verlag Zürich
The Junkie and the Rose
I once picked up a rose from the ground at Central Station, took it and went to wait for the number three. It was Sunday Morning. Everywhere leftovers from yesterday's Saturday night party.
From a distance I notice a junkie who is begging for coins. I'm waiting for the tram.
The junkie gets closer and just before he utters his mantra, I say,
ey sorry! I have no coin! The Junkie says, not that, look here! and shows to the ground. I look to the ground and realize a perfect circle from Rose petals around me.
Enchanted I reach into my pockets and give him a coin.
Finally, the artist should be rewarded.


Silent Transformance
28 March 2010 — Rössligasse 12, patio, Luzerne — Act 2010 Luzerne,
performance event — curated by Andrea Saemann — duration: 90 min
Spatial situation — Paved medieval courtyard, around Seats, light rain
Materials and preparation — 7 underwear, 8 long underwear, 9 pants, 17 T-shirts, 7 long-sleeved T-shirts, 10 sweaters and a jacket in a row arranged by size.
Order of events — Strip down to the underwear. Put a piece of clothing after another, until all are dressed. Go few steps up and down. Tie together the clothes undressing, so a line of dresses is formed. Arrived at the last piece wrap all the clothes around the body.
Unfold again. Put clothes again. Bowing and leave the courtyard.
Variants — 18 April 2010, Dampfzentrale, Act 2010 Berne — 24 April 2010, Werkraum, Act 2010 Basel — 01. May 2010, former Gallery Attitudes, Act 2010 Geneva — 14 Nov. 2013, Trudelhaus, Baden


Are You Sleeping?
Performance in cooperation with Maya Minder
15 Nov. 2010 — 22:30 — Euro-Latom Performance Project, Walcheturm, Zurich
— Performance event — curated by Harm Lux — Topic: distance
Duration: 20 min
Spatial situation — Exhibition space
Materials and preparation — Loft bed, pajamas, laptop, projector, microphone, cable
Order of events — A and B appear together on stage. A rises to the loft bed and spontaneously writes messages to B. B tries with a drum stick to produce sounds. After a while A and B switch roles. Common finish.


09 April 2010 — Environment Pfingstweidstrasse, Zurich — Series of performances
Duration: 60 min
Spatial situation — Busy and loud urban landscape
Materials and preparation — A chair, a plastic barrel and a drum pedal converted to a drum kit, a guitar, a stopwatch
Order of events — Play 5 min. Be considerate of the environment. Move 100 m. Repeat 5 times.


Solar Sculpture 6 (Sonnenuhr)
2010 — 12 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm — Wood, photovoltaic cell, electric motor, wire,
mechanism of a clock
Addition — As soon as the sun shines on the sculpture the Hands of the clock turn backwards.


Sitting Set
2010 until now — old clothes, old carpet — variable size — various versions


Tribute to the wireless energy transfer
2010 — 120 cm x 120 cm x 60 cm (variable) — plasma lamps, broken neon tubes
Addition — The neon glow without beeing directly connected to AC power.


Return to painting with non-painterly means
Painting (Thread on T-shirt)
2011 - 2013 — until now 12 pieces — ca. 60 cm x 80 cm — old t-shirts, threads
Exhibition opportunities — living or plastic mannequins


Main symbols of the major religions to hang
2007 — 5 Varianten je 100 Stück — Metall
Variants — Cross, Star of David, Swastika, Crescent, Communist Star
Exhibitions — 27 May 2009 — Güterbahnhof, Zurich, CH — Bachelor degree show — 03 December 2013 — Stadtgalerie, Kunstmuseum@Progr, Berne


Paper being and his pet
2008 — 8 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm, 3 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm — Paper
Exhibitions — 18 August 2008 — Pfingstweidstrasse 6, Zurich, CH — Long Night of galleries — Exhibition


Objet Trouvé Erotique
Objet trouvé
2009 — 8 cm x 8 cm x 10 cm — foam material
Found — 26 August 2009 — Müllerstrasse 47, basement, Zurich
Exhibitions — 30 August 2009 — Gallery Mü, Zurich — Auktion